Carlton Scroop

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Carlton Scroop entered service around 1968 for two distinct purposes: the London - Leeds telephony route and links for the Linesman radar system. These operated on separate bands but ran via the same sites between Carlton Scroop and London. The BT Archives index lists a photo "foundation excavations" dated October 1965 but there appear to be no images of the completed site. Like most others on the London - Leeds route a "standard tower" was installed along with the usual style of building. A Geograph contributor has commented that the site was built below the top of the adjacent hill, presumably it was difficult to negotiate to acquire a site at the summit.

The Linesman system was replaced in the late 1980s. The branch via Claxby had not developed for other traffic and was closed, however in 1992 a new link was established for Channel 4 television. This was a digital link from Nottingham to feed the Belmont transmitter, replacing the analogue distribution which had run from Leeds via Farley. This new link used a dish at the very top of the tower - it is unclear whether the structure was extended at the time. The Channel 4 link is understood to have been withdrawn by 2005 and to have operated on the Lower 6 GHz band using Fujitsu equipment.

During the mid-1980s the main links between London and Leeds were replaced by digital systems. We understand these were withdrawn from service by 2007 however the dishes remained in place until at least mid-2010.