Carlton Scroop

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Carlton Scroop is at the junction of the London to Leeds route (via Farley) and a route from Claxby which we understand was part of Linesman radar links to and from Staxton Wold via Cave Wold. The Linesman links were under development around 1967 and the Leeds route appears also to have been planned around the same time. BT Archives has a reference to the foundations being excavated in October 1965. A link to Nottingham was added in 1992, the planning application at the far end has drawings labelled "Channel 4 project".

Aerial photos as late as 2010 show two dishes facing Claxby, one facing Nottingham and several for the main route towards Farley. We understand Carlton Scroop to be a "repeater" station rather than a terminal, therefore it's possible there were as many as eight dishes facing Kirkby Underwood.